residence CaFelicita


The residence is dedicated to our Aunt Felicita. She was the owner of the country house belonging to the Gilardoni Family. The building is located on the foothills of Gravedona ed Uniti. Beautifully exposed to the south, Cafelicita has a unique characteristic: a breathtaking view of Lake Como.

The structure

The House is built on a previously farm land, where one of the best wines of the Alto Lago was made. The building has been renovated using state of the art environmental techniques and the latest technology, meeting the high standard of modernity.

Electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels, while heating system and hot water supply apartments and the swimming pool is provided by solar panels.

A system of rainwater harvesting and water percolation is used to irrigate the garden in front of the residence.The structure also has a pole to recharge electric cars, available for the guests.

CaFelicita offers apartments perfect for couples and families looking for an environment of relax, comfort and romanticism.

We believe in renewable energy sources, so we have set the latest generation solar panels on our structure.

Every apartment has a beautiful spot in the private garden and an area reserved by the pool, from which our guest enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Como and Gravedona ed Uniti.

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Infinity Pool, garden and hot tub

An exclusive location, with a beautiful garden on two levels. Soft grassy lawn and comfortable sun-beds to sunbathe the hole day and a stone table, great for romantic dinners under the stars.

The infinity pool has a lovely little waterfall that seems to plunge directly in the lake, creating a unique prospective for the spectator. Not surprisingly CaFelicita has been used as a set for photographers, filmmaker and wedding planners.

Inside, available for the guest there is a relaxing hot tub.